As promised ... slides from the Instagram Webinar

I've had a few people ask me if I could upload pictures of the slides from the Instagram Webinar that I hosted the other night. These slides go over Instagram basics including what it is, comparing it to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and navigating the menu. I should have a link to the whole webinar later today, so stay tuned! 

Plus it's fun!!


Once you have Instagram on your smartphone or iPad, it super easy to set up an account. Just tap on the app and follow the intuitive directions.

Newest IGs will show at the top. Yay, Instagram doesn't choose which IGs it thinks you want to see!

Don't forget, that search box will become your friend!! It will help you search for hastags or users.

If you click on the camera, this is what you will see:

IG doesn't email you when you receive new comments, likes or follows. So make sure to check your news feed to see if people are commenting & following. 

Now that you have an overview of the menu and how to navigate within Instagram ... just play around with it for a bit. It's relatively easy to use and really isn't too complicated (love that!)

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Carrie Keele
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  1. Thanks for the great description of Instagram ! You answered a lot of questions in my mind and forwarded to my friends .