Marathon Scanning Project

So you think it's easy interviewing older family members about genealogy? Try doing it when your mom is DearMYRTLE. ;) Actually, we had a blast and really enjoyed the week. I brought the kids along with their bikes and they played while we scanned. We did put a few things on video when we need a break!

We started scanning in the kitchen with 3 scanners, but ended up in the living room with the two fastest scanners hooked up by the two recliners (our backs thanked us!)

Scanning Day 1 Video:
Here Myrt shows how she kept track of things back in the dark ages!! (Can I repeat that I am soooooo grateful for technology???) This includes the microfilm where I found my first find as a genealogist at age 10!

 In this video, I share some of the things that I found. We uncovered lots of gems but really only grazed the surface! I just loved reading my Grandpa's baby book, priceless!

I never knew that my Grandma and Grandpa were bowlers! I knew Blanche was gorgeous but loved the honeymoon pictures. 

I learned a lot from my mom this week, she has a knack for knowing what to hold on to and digging a little deeper. You never know what connections or answer those "unrelated" documents might hold. Here's a classic example!

You can see my Mom's point of view and thoughts on her blog: Although I'm sure you follow her already!! :)

What kind of things do you have around the house or in the family? Do you have a schedule or plans to preserve these memories? I was talking to a good friend, and in her family they distribute the work. Each month they get together for a family dinner at her mom's house. When they go home, she and her sisters each take with them as much as they think they can scan and preserve that month. When done, they bring it back with them the next month and get more. I thought this was a genius idea since we really still have so much work left to do.

(a.k.a. "DearMYRTLE's daughter)